fat cats

We sing and dance our blues away
while China moves the news today.
Korea’s up, we goin’ down
while Singapore’s a money town.

Yes, there is talent, USA,
to make us think we’re here to stay.
Now what we need is sanity
to deal with all this vanity.

Cause who knows when, and who knows why
our politicians always lie,
They tell us what they do is right,
But all we see them do is fight.

And yes, we know that from afar,
they laugh at us, ha-ha, har-har.
Don’t want to hear their message now,
You have to hear it anyhow:

You stupid cat, won’t change your way,
you had yer dream, now time to pay,
You had yer fun, then you went wrong,
you sucked it up, an’ now it’s gone.

You lazy cat, won’t eat yer bread,
You want more fat, until yer dead,
Just sippin’ cream, you had yer day,
yer turn is done, now go away.


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