SPOTLIGHT thoughts

Spotlight movie

Spotlight the movie was the surprise Best Picture winner.  If you listen to the audiobook version of this book, on which it is based, you discover just how many cases of priests assaulting boys there were. Thousands. Priests targeted shy kids, from broken homes, or poor kids, or in some cases retarded kids. In one instance, a boy was in the hospital, and a priest visited him on the ruse of encouraging him. To have sex. Kids were beaten if they didn’t comply. Some committed suicide. Some grew up to be rapists themselves. In my own case, I was molested at age 13 by a Protestant Sunday school teacher on a camping trip. I felt shame, as a shy, introverted boy, and told my mother. Nothing was ever said to the teacher. The incident affected me for years. He has since passed on. At the Oscars Lady Gaga sang movingly about being raped. She too admits to being an introvert, which means sensitive (not necessarily shy.) Some people have asked me why I support whistleblowers. Why I don’t like liars. Why I talk about the NFL in a negative way. My high school basketball coach was an abuser too, with mind games. So now you know.  In his latest Instagram post, Leonardo DiCaprio talks about abuse and murder in the third world. On Oscar night he talked about the environment, the oceans, and resisting the greed out there. He too is an introvert. As is Johnny Depp, who visits hospitals dressed as a pirate to steal hearts instead of bodies. Surprise, surprise, surprise…    



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