Is Patrick Bateman Our Role Model?


Prince is gone. But he has been gone for a while now in pop culture. How did it come to be that innovative risk taking in music transformed into stock rhythms,  hedonistic and obscene lyrics, and shouting into a microphone? Rappers eat money on camera, flaunt gold chains and teeth, deck out luxury cars to look like pimpmobiles, and don’t care for their victims anymore than Madoff did. Upper class young white men look to Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, not as someone to shun or avoid, but to emulate. Good is bad, bad is good. And much of it comes from boredom and apathy, lack of curiosity, a feeling of entitlement, dismissal of reading over listening to lame lyrics, and believing whatever lies Madison Avenue wants to spin for the “trends merchants.” Narcissists and sociopaths are (unbelievably) our HEROES if you judge by the amount of money and time wasted on them. Note that Bateman is into fitness and looks….appearances and status. Too bad beauty is skin deep, and so underneath just might lurk savage madness.      


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