Can Reindeer Really Fly?

Christmas booksCan reindeer fly? Why is Santa Claus fat? Could scientists clone the perfect Christmas tree? Was the star of Bethlehem really a comet? Why is Rudolph’s nose red? How does Santa manage to deliver presents to an estimated 842 million households in a single night? What could we do to guarantee a white Christmas every year? These are among the questions explored in an irresistibly witty book that illuminates the cherished rituals, legends, and icons of Christmas from a unique and fascinating perspective: science. Roger Highfield was born in Wales, raised in north London, and became the first person to bounce a neutron off a soap bubble. He has written several books, sat on a few committees, and was the science editor of the Daily Telegraph for two decades. Today, he is the editor of New Scientist magazine, the global science and technology weekly.


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