Got Soul?

Eckhart TolleThat’s a big question.  What exactly is a soul?  How does it differ from the mind and the ego?  And if it does differ, wouldn’t you have to get away from people (and the conflicts they engender), go on a hike, and discover the answer for yourself?  (This is something the Kim Kardashians of the world never do, since they’re followed around by cameras every moment to record their every vacant thought and trivial confrontation.)  I recently went on a hike, and only after recorded a few hopefully not totally inane thoughts on the experience.  It now appears at the website Soul’s Code.  My latest novel is out on audio, narrated by Paul Heitsch (a video game engineer, voiceover talent and composer on Myth and Riven, among others.)  The plot involves an astronomical optics engineer who goes to Dubai and there witnesses stealth drones begin crashing into towers like the Burj Khalifa.  Then he experiences something even more amazing, which changes his life forever….  The book was first released as an ebook, and quantum entanglement forms part of the love story aspect of it.  Call it cross genre suspense, with a touch of the mystic.  Kinda like life itself.


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