Blade Runners

Blade Runner 2049


Here is my intro to a collection of stories coming out in the Fall. See what you think. If any of the stories at this blog should be included, let me know. Thanks.

The stories here include both new and previously published stories from magazines like the George Mason University Review, The State, Buffalo Spree, Palm Springs Life, Easyriders, etc. Most genres are included, from science fiction to mystery to horror to romance. Themes are all over the chart, new stories first. My writing style developed after being encouraged by Ray Bradbury as a teen. He answered every letter I wrote him (over a dozen), and inspired me to continue. These are not all my stories. Every serious writer has dozens that didn’t work for whatever reason, fading away into cryptic dust. Novels too. I’ve written five published novels, starting with Postmarked for Death (endorsed by Clive Cussler and John Lutz), Awakening Storm (narrated by Barrett Whitener on audio, with a sound effects), Fame Island (narrated on audio by Emmy winning actor Kris Tabori), The Methuselah Gene, and The Miraculous Plot of Leiter & Lott. All are suspense with a mix of either adventure, satire or romance. A few of the stories here are hybrids that include both story and script, the idea being that audio books are sometimes called “movies in the mind,” and since those began as scripts they are very visual, (as was Fame Island, based on a true story.) Enjoy.

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